10 Tips For You To Find And Plan The Ideal Office Space For Your Business


A new office is so much more than a simple change of address, the property you choose will ultimately reflect your company values, culture and brand personality. It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of your requirements before setting out in search of new office space planning.

  1. Determine how much office space you need

Working out how much space you’re going to need in the new office is a good starting point. Do a headcount and consider the number of meeting rooms, private offices and other facilities such as kitchen etc. Use the free office space calculator to help you calculate what size office is best suited to your needs.

  1. Establish your office space planning budget

How much rent can you realistically afford and can this figure be maintained throughout the term of the lease? Don’t forget to factor in business rates and service charges into your office space budget.

  1. Which location?

Location is a crucial factor when choosing office space. Consider which location would be most convenient and attractive to both staff and clients. The location of your office can make or break your business, and will also have a significant impact on your rental costs – so choose carefully.

  1. Brief your Commercial Property Agent

The next step is to source and brief a local commercial property agent. They will need a clear understanding of your office space requirements; what facilities you need, type and length of office lease required as well as the limitations of your budget and timeframe. This information will provide a framework for them to assess the market and come up with a shortlist of suitable office properties for you to view.

  1. Viewing Properties

Viewing potential office properties can be a time-consuming process. Go to each office property with an open and clear mind and have the Office Space Checklist at hand to help you prioritize what considerations are most important for your business to perform effectively. Remember that first impressions count and last!

  1. Analyze your Commitment

How long do you want the office space for? An average office lease is between 5-10 years, but shorter offices are trending giving businesses more flexibility. Try to negotiate the inclusion of a break clause in the lease to give you the option of vacating the premises at some stage before the lease expires.

  1. Do your Homework

Before agreeing to take the space, you want to be sure you are getting the best deal possible, so ask your agent for a list of average office rents and deals that have recently been completed / achieved in that particular area. That way, you’ll be able to compare and weigh up your options and have assurance you are securing the best possible deal.

  1. Consider Office Layout & Design

The layout and configuration of the space is an important factor. Are you looking for an open plan office or cellular? If you are considering knocking down walls or erecting partitions you need to know whether this is a viable option and permissible with the Landlord.

  1. Office Lease Incentives

The details of the office lease are an important incentive when it comes to renting office space. Your property agent will probably negotiate several properties on your shortlist to see which one comes out more favorable. Be patient at this stage, as several copies of an office lease will need to be exchanged before a deal can finally be closed.

  1. Get Legal Advice

Once you’re happy that you’ve chosen the right office property, it’s time to handover the lease to a property solicitor who will examine the detail of each clause, ensure that everything has been clearly documented and that your commercial interests are protected.

What The Types Of Loyalty Programs?


Every business wants in on loyalty and therefore wants to have more loyal customers. For this reason, the businesses often associate loyalty with loyalty programs, which are a relationship between a brand and a customer. The existence of loyalty programs in a business provides an encouragement to shoppers to return to stores where they frequently make purchases. Most people do not have a clear understanding of the difference between loyalty and marketing. They therefore think of loyalty programs as an airline that gives miles to frequent fliers, a hotel that gives points towards a stay or a restaurant that offers a punch card incentive. Indeed these may be called loyalty programs but in the real sense, these are marketing programs disguised as loyalty programs.

Types of loyalty programs

  1. Points programs – these loyalty programs let customers accumulate points that can be redeemed for rewards or free products and services. These are the most popular type as they are points based and are easy to set up. They have got a tangible value for the customer and are flexible and customizable. They also have the ability to drive a desired customer behavior.
  2. Spend programs – here, customers get loyalty credit for the amount spend in a business. This program is easy to understand, create and maintain. With these programs, churn rates can be cut down and transaction amounts increased effectively. The programs are also tangible and encourage repeat business.
  3. Tiered programs – this is an improved version of the points program. It gives a customer rewards based on the spending points. These programs can be highly targeted and easily customized which is a reason for their increased popularity. They decrease churn rate for most valuable customers and motivates customers to higher levels.


It is human nature to stay with a company that is easy to do business with. When different loyalty programs are used in a business, opportunities to interact and build customer loyalty grow exponentially. Customers like consistency and so once they know how the company operates, they can rely on a consistent experience which creates confidence.

car insurance singapore

New Baby, New Car – What to Look for

Sure, you have your car insurance Singapore policy in place. Now you are getting ready to buy a new car, but you just had a baby. So, this means your needs have likely changed. You need more room, you need more safety features, you want something that will help minimize the impact, in the event you are in an accident. So, how do you go about choosing a new car today? What is it you should be looking for if you are getting ready to buy, and you do have a newborn that needs to be in the car? Consider these factors.

Time –

How much time are you really going to be in the car? How much are you on the road and how long do you plan on driving at any given time? All of this will help you in choosing a vehicle. Not only so you can find one that is comfortable if you are going to be in it for hours at a time, but also to ensure you find one that is safe for you if you are in it for longer periods of time. Due to the nature of things, with a new child you need to find ways in which you can increase the safety when driving. So, taking the time to look for a vehicle which is going to make driving safer, all while making it more comfortable, is a great way to go about the buying process as you are preparing to invest in a new car.

Model choice for your new vehicle –


A mini coupe might look cooler than a minivan but is it really going to suffice with a newborn? Probably not. You will have to think of this. How are you going to fit the car seat in? How will things feel if you are squished up at the dash and have a huge baby chair behind you? When the time comes to buy, the model you are going to buy is going to differ if you are single, or if you are a new parent and in need of more room. So, go for spacey, go for larger, and go for a model which is going to provide the sufficient space for your new baby, as well as for all the baggage which comes along with being a new parent. And, you probably already know, that this is going to require plenty of room in the car, and nearly anything else you plan on buying for your new family.


A COE model is generally going to cost more and when being registered, this is also going to take more time. You have to know what you are dealing with, the benefits of each, and how you are going to use your vehicle as a new parent. When the time comes for you to choose a car, not only is the model and features something you have to take into account, you also have to know what you are dealing with for registration, costs, and any and all other details which do go in to being a new car owner. And yes, there are plenty of things you will have to consider as you are deciding on the right vehicle to bring home when the time comes, if you are a new parent and are in need of larger, and more comfort.

Payment –

Yes, you are actually going to have to pay for the car so what are the options you have in front of you? Can you finance and if so for how long? What are the monthly payments going to look like for a COE or a PARE? Do you know what you will be paying in terms of interest rates when the time comes for you to choose a financing company to go with. You will have to learn the details, you are going to have to take your time to compare things, and it is best if you go with a reputable company when the time comes for you to finance. If you are ready to buy a car in Singapore you already know it is not going to be cheap. But, you can minimize the burden on a month to month basis if you do know which financing company to go with, and which ones are going to offer you the best repayment term and lowest rates, when the time comes for you to choose the new vehicle you are going to take home as a new parent.

Insurance –

You must have car insurance Singapore in order to drive; and, there are quite a few policy and insurance companies you can go through when the time comes to choose a policy premium. So, which one is the right one and which one is going to ensure you have the highest level of coverage if you are in a wreck? The way to find this is for you to compare; not only do you want to consider the price as you are comparing, you will also have to account for what you are paying for. Do you have more coverage so you are paying more or is one company going to pay out on premiums faster than others? You have to know what you are dealing with and what goes into choosing a policy. So, before you buy, make sure you take the time to see the top insurers out there for your auto premium rates.
You know there are many things to think about with a new baby and a new car is just one more of those things to add to the list. But, if you know what to look for, you will find it is not going to be a huge burden when the time comes to buy your new car. So, when you are ready to buy, and are considering a few different options for the new car you are going to invest in, these are some of the factors which will help you go through the decision making process.
A Licensed Moneylender For A Personal Loan

A Licensed Moneylender For A Personal Loan

A licensed money lender can be the response to current budgetary issues. A moneylender may comprise of an individual or a gathering that gives individual credits to a buyer utilizing his particular resources. An individual credit from a usurer is intended to return within the predetermined period.

Understanding the remarkable necessities for money related loaning is additionally essential to consider. Variable financing costs can be discovered relying upon the loan specialist and the individual conditions of the customer. Individual credit terms can be here and now or long haul, so it is essential to comprehend the results of any agreement for proper consistency with all conditions. A few moneylenders may permit getting utilizing property, gold or other important assets. You can likewise contact the pawnbroker with an own suggestion. The moneylender must be repaid promptly, so the buyer maintains a strategic distance from the greatest fines and accuses related of unpaid obligations.

It is critical to pick a provider that is reliable, prompts and rights. Moneylenders are individuals who have adequate budgetary resources that can legitimately loan individual advances to others. The look for a legitimate loan boss bank is essential to avert misrepresentation or extra-budgetary issues when managing non-proficient corrupt people and gatherings. An authorized cash moneylender will give full certainty that they can get an honest to goodness individual advance that is appropriate for their requirements.

Points of interest of cash loaning urge individuals to search for a supplier. The likelihood of getting money to pay for everyday costs or a huge buy is a positive factor for shoppers in the dry budgetary period. A buyer who can get to a pawnbroker is given an adaptable favorable position, as giving proficient credit is conceivable and quick for culmination in any timetable. When voyaging abroad, circumstances may emerge that could harm your money related assets. The liable can be the unanticipated cost of a lodging or a battle, or you may essentially require more cash to effectively total the trek. Different foundations may expect you to be a legitimate occupant, even considered for administrations. If a man voyages abroad, an outside moneylender might be a more reasonable arrangement, which is exceptionally helpful for explorers. A moneylender in Singapore will have the capacity to offer some reasonable conditions for an individual advance got amid an excursion, a vocation or some other occasion.

The customer will get many focal points in picking an authorized pawnbroker, including quick supports, legitimate and reasonable credit and comfort of extra cash. The moneylender can be the way to opportunity for monetary issues at home and abroad. An ensured usurer is ensured to benefit one well in an hour, supplementing the money that issues.

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It appears that one year from now Germany should see just about twelve beginning open races and give a volume in the scope of 200 million euros from the superb ideal period of the expert market – Primary Normal.

Non-open business entities and strategists will see the alternatives existing in them, as the organization starts to publicize some portion of its portfolio organizations. These are organizations that worked extremely well all through the period from 2005 to 2007, yet now they should recover their money.

Ware showcase.

China keeps on having a solid interest for crude materials, and this exclusive proceeds with the patterns that we have seen in past item costs. The crude parts will keep on searching, yet this, truth be told, does not imply that it is aware with a money-related fiasco.

Money related market Bubble.

To put it plainly, there are numerous nations that tremble very nearly fall of cash. Given the situation in which want and key performing artists have gone up against an exceptional scale, it is more critical than any time in recent memory that we are compelled to push the estimation of the monetary combination. This is valid for each nation very nearly the land gave by Germany. For a solid worldwide economy, all in all, starting an arrangement of the financial train must be vital for all.

Things being what they are, would you say you are setting up your monetary cash? Congrats! All in all, do you wind up setting up an organization? Welcome to the place that is known for the venture. Quickly after you are certain that you have discovered your organization, it’s a great opportunity to record your cash capital. You can do it without anyone else’s help or with the assistance of an expert.

An essential minutes in your organization are monetary subsidies and financing – cash and the entrepreneur. Income and from where will it look on your way? These two are the most genuine for your organization. Frequently, if your business is extraordinarily little, you are influencing speculations from your money related establishment to account, yet if it is more than that? Securing of budgetary finances and financing for your new business isn’t an easy breezy. What’s more, this is unthinkable. The main activity is to decide the cash.

Along these lines, assess your cash ahead of time, so you are careful with any gathering to fund your undertaking. Are not troubled to hear “no” and “too bad.” Try not to cheer to hear any sum. Spare the endeavor to the point that you hear “it sounds great.” It will be tougher if your cash isn’t persuading. Appropriate here there are associations and men and ladies that you can use to fund your independent venture:

Money related establishments can give you financing as per securities if they persuade you regarding financial capital. Budgetary establishments will get some information about your cash and the sort of financing (or individual credit) that you need to keep running in this private company (yet don’t feel amazingly meek on the off chance that you don’t have direct monetary capital). They will likewise need to uncover – your dependability, your long haul address, why you need this sort of financing or home loan loaning and about your arrangement to return it. Attempt to impact their secured money related capital and the sort of financing that you consider essential.

Achieve Your Dreams Of An Earlier Retirement Even With An Average Salary

Achieve Your Dreams Of An Earlier Retirement Even With An Average Salary

It is not a big surprise to many of us that retiring in Singapore is not at all cheap. As this thriving city is a rather expensive one to live in, it also makes retirement a bit of a challenge for most people who have come from a job with an average income. You want to make sure that once you have decided to leave your workplace, you can live comfortably while enjoying the kind of lifestyle you are already used to.

At the same time, there are some people who have not thought much about their retirement, only to realize that they are only a few years away from this stage in their life. So, without much funds for retirement, they go through financial issues and end up taking out one loan after another from a money lender or a bank just to get by with their rising expenses. In the end, they suffer the consequences of having to pay off these loans and not being able to put much money into their savings account. Thus, the plans of retiring in flying colors become more and more grim for them.

Manulife and the DBS Bank conducted a survey to take a look at the situation retirees have in terms of their finances. According to this survey, just 36 percent of Singaporeans between the ages of 40 and 60 are able to retire comfortably with the money they have in their investment and bank savings. On the other hand, 30 percent of these research participants are thinking about downgrading their lifestyle once reaching retirement. Sad to think about these things, but these do happen to some people because of a lack of foresight prior to leaving their jobs.

But you do not have to be one of those people who have to tighten their belt and be frugal by circumstance during retirement. Yes, it is a challenging feat to plan for retirement in Singapore, but it is not at all impossible. You can make your life much lighter once you retire by keeping your finances in check and saving up for your future.

Mindful Spending

The amount of money you can save depends largely on your spending habits at present. How much do you normally spend on a daily basis? Meanwhile, how much is left from your paycheck that you can put in to your savings? You need to be aware of these numbers as this can reveal how much you can save for your retirement funds even if it is several years from now.

Based on researchers, the average Singaporean aged 40 to 60 has an average monthly expenditure of $4,699. Meanwhile, these people make a little over $8,300 monthly. Thus, they can have under 50 percent of their money saved and placed in investment if they wish to. For someone who has this kind of earning and spending profile, the amount that can be saved for their retirement is at least $3,600 in a month.

As to where this amount of money goes to, there are several things that middle-aged to older Singaporeans spend on. These may include their rental fee, mortgage payments, credit card bills, food expenses, utilities, leisure and entertainment, and so on. If they have kids, then there are education expenses to take care of in addition to their basic needs.

But as for others who may not have kids, it can be quite surprising to know that they spend this much on an average month. Common reasons why their expenditure reaches this much include shopping, dining, movies, and splurging on the latest gadgets and devices. The temptation of hitting the mall during payday and eating out too often are major obstacles to your goal of boosting your retirement funds before you even reach this stage.

Your Income Vs. Your Expenditure

The income of an average Singaporean that was presented earlier is not just the amount earned from their employment, but it already includes the CPF contributions of the employer. This is why if we look at the numbers once again, their gross salary is only at $7,160. Then, there is the 20 percent CPF contribution deducted, which makes their take home pay at $5,728. This gives us a total of $2,650 for the CPF contributions per month.

Also, it is worth noting that monthly contributions may possible be made to several CPF accounts in varied proportions such as 23 percent to the CPF Ordinary Account ($1,647), 8 percent to the Medisave Account ($573), and 6 percent to the CPF Special Account ($430).

In these examples, a 30-something couple may end up using $1,100 monthly taken from the CPF Ordinary Account to cover payments for their home mortgage. They may also decide to transfer some remaining cash to the CPF Special Account, so there is a higher interest to be earned per year projected at around 4 percent. Thus, with a $977 monthly contribution, the same couple may end up saving as much as $502,000 once they reach the age of 55.

During this age, they may be qualified for the CPF Enhanced Retirement Sum. The ERS cost about $241,500 each. Then at age 65, each person can expect to receive a payout monthly of at least $1,770 to as much as $1,920. If you have your spouse making the same amount, then there is a total of $3,800 coming in monthly. For empty nesters with children who are already independent and earning their own income, this amount of money should suffice for their basic needs.

Retiring at 55

You see, if you are 65 years of age and ready to retire, then the projected money you can receive for the payout should be more than enough. There should be plenty to spend on your food and other basic expenses. But then, do you plan on retiring earlier, say at 55 years of age?

In this case, let us come up with a different computation for this age group. If we look into the take home pay of the average Singaporean couple, the sum is at $5,728. But then again, this amount is used for funding the typical expenditure in the household, which is at $4,699 monthly. With a total savings of $1,029 in a month, you are probably wondering what this may be used for.

If the couple plans on building their emergency savings during the first 2 years or at 30 years of age and so on, and supposing they reach $24,000 by this time, along with an investment with 4 percent per annum returns in 23 years, we can expect them to save a total of $452,158 at 55 years of age. As for the potential monthly income, it may be at $3,768 from 55 to 65 years of age. Meanwhile, the CPF Life payouts should eventually start by this time.

This is why we can say that even if you are only making an average income in Singapore, you can retire at 65 and even at age 55 without a problem. Your goal is to live simply and within your means to make sure you have money in the bank and investment, while being capable of supporting your basic needs.

You see, it all depends on how smart and practical you are with managing your money. Every financial decision you make is important as this has a massive impact on your savings. Perhaps you have some money that can suffice for funding a new car, but then you need to think twice before giving in to this temptation. Learning to prioritise your needs and what you buy are important elements that can give you a secure and comfortable retirement.

So, if you are wondering if retiring in Singapore is not going to be a tough financial issue, then the answer is YES. As long as you prepare for your future by being mindful about how you spend and save your money, then you can surely have an easy retirement while enjoying the simply pleasures in life.

Money Lender Singapore – 6 Tips To Save Money on Your Wedding

Money Lender Singapore – 6 Tips To Save Money on Your Wedding

The wedding culture in Singapore is to some degree impressive, given that it is a mixture of the western – style wedding with traditional components mixed in.The addition of the hotel banquet which goes up against a considerably more significant part than the official of the wedding papers likewise makes it a costly affair. Money lender Singapore will help you to save your money each month and you will not have any stress during your wending day.

While many couples nowadays have come to understood the impracticality of pouring such a robust sum (generally between $35,000 to $55,000 on average) into a wedding function and gone for a simpler course. A few guardians still demand the hotel banquet, welcoming their companions and business relates as a show of their youngster’s “success.”

So what’s a filial and respectful youngster expected to do? Read on to discover how you can, in any case, have a regular Singaporean wedding yet not copy an opening in your pocket.

Normal Wedding Cost in Singapore

Entirely, you just need to sign the official papers with your wedding partner at the Registry of Marriage to be proclaimed lawfully married. However, many couples consider this as something less significant contrasted with the hotel banquet – there are even the individuals who signed the papers before and hold their wedding a year later to set aside more cash or get a home first. So how about we observe a some of the basic costs one can bring about while getting ready for their wedding:

– Solemnization function: $3,000 to around $5,000 for lunch reception and location rental

– Wedding Banquet in hotel: $36,000 to $60,000 (30 tables for $1,200- $2,000 per table)

– Marriage Package for outfit rental and photography services: $3,000- $6,000

– Genuine wedding day photography/videography: $2,000- $4,000

– Different Miscellaneous expenses: $1,000- $2,000 (red packet for assistants, wedding favors, wedding stimulation assistants and so on)

The list can go on, and we do not include the wedding bands and engagement ring here. Utilizing only the list in the above, your list spending is $27,000, accepting you have a significant portion of the measure of your wedding banquet back in red packets. If we take a look at the higher end, you will be using more than $47,000. With that sum, you can nearly utilize it to do up renovations for your new house!

So before you bitterly part with the cash you have spared all year and spend it on the wedding, here are five viable ways you can use to decrease the cost of your wedding by over 40%:

1) Choose Alternative Venues Rather Than A Hotel For Your Banquet

Taking a look at the list of costs above, you’d see that the wedding banquet takes up the bulk of your aggregate wedding cost. If you can concentrate on cutting down the sum you spend here; you’ve just scored big. What you can do and what couples are progressively doing is to avoid the hotels and hold their weddings at eateries, occasion halls, and even parks. They may not be less expensive, but rather if you keep a receptive outlook and make a few changes, you will have the capacity to discover the cost of each table at around $1,000. One example is the Chevron club, with the end of the week table costs at finished merely $900. Peony Jade, an eminent Chinese eatery arranged at the Keppel Club, likewise offers end of the week table costs at somewhat finished $1,000. Look at nation clubs, eateries with outdoor eating and national parks and you can make sure to discover a scene that can offer both esteem and a romantic wedding reception.

2) Get A Bridal Package Or Wedding Planner

Wedding packages are well known because it is likely the most financially savvy approach to get an in with no reservations benefit that incorporates outfit and suits rental, make-up services and photography. If you were to connect with isolated merchants for each of these services, it could be easy to double your cost. There are a few hints and traps to get more out of your wedding packages. Your wedding studio will give a far-reaching list of things incorporated into the packages– tick off what you don’t need and demand to trade them for things that you need.

Many individuals have the feeling that wedding organizers are costly since they charge an additional expense for assisting for every one of the things you need and coordinate the occasion. However, wedding organizers, for the most part, have their particular system of sellers which can offer discounts to them. This can be exceptionally helpful if you are sorting out a significant wedding or a function with specific necessities.

3) Consider D-I-Y

If you have a creative style, do consider doing up some of the things for your wedding without anyone else. This can be your wedding decorations, making your wedding favors, planning the wedding welcomes yourself and having them printed. You can likewise draw in your companions to help you, for example, somebody who takes great photographs for the real wedding day, or a friend who can enable you with your make-to up and hairstyle. Each small effort tallies and it’s additionally a suitable approach to get your dear loved ones together in helping you get ready for the big day.

4) Be Selective

Since you are watching costs, each little thing on your list can indicate the general cost, so it is vital to be selective. In the first place, be specific to individuals you are welcoming to your wedding. You might need to welcome everybody you know from your schooling days and expert life, however, you may wind up with many absentees. A decent approach to settle on a decision is to make this inquiry, “Will you feel bad if this individual isn’t at your wedding?” If it does not affect you, you can securely forget him or her.

You can likewise pick a less expensive menu at your banquet, and also settle on the decision of less expensive liquor choices, for example, serving wine and beer rather than hard alcohol. Consciously picking a less expensive option at each progression of the planning process will enable you to spare consistently for a long run.

5) Make Use of the Right Credit Cards

Since a wedding is an expensive affair; you may confront an income issue since you are managing first-class things. Continuously check if the Visas you have given you discounts to any of the wedding settings you are taking a look at and you remain to spare around 5 to 10% off you’re the cost of your reception.

Else, you can make utilization of cashback cards to enable you to get some money refunds. This can be outstandingly useful if you can part up to the installments into regularly scheduled payments to meet the base spending necessity for the refunds. For example, the UOB One Card gives you a 5% discount if you burn through $2,000 a month for three months continuously in a quarter, acquiring you the greatest cashback of $1,200 for the whole year! The American Express True Cashback Card is another excellent choice that will give unlimited cashback of 1.5% for every dollar, making it best alternative for enormous buys like weddings.

With these small tricks, you can take a look at a wedding that cost under $15,000 if you can manage your desires. Keep in mind that the function itself is quite recently the initial step of your life together, so maybe it makes sense to spare the cash for a bad day?